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Gender and Diversity


The University of Freiburg regards diversity as an important component of its organizational development. We are firmly committed to gender equality and diversity.

The great diversity of disciplines and people at our comprehensive university is an ideal basis for excellent, interdisciplinary, and cutting-edge research and teaching. Therefore, the university aims at including a comprehensive gender and diversity perspective in governance, personnel policy, research, teaching, and infrastructure.

This encompasses a close connection between gender and diversity research on the one hand and gender and diversity policies on the other, as well as a systematic gender and diversity approach in research, especially, but not exclusively, in science, technology, engineering, and medicine.

The implementation of antidiscrimination and diversity management at the University of Freiburg focuses on the diversity dimensions of race and ethnicity, gender, religion or belief, disability, age, and sexual orientation, as described in the General Act on Equal Treatment (“Allgemeines Gleichbehandlungsgesetz”) of the Federal Republic of Germany. We actively work to prevent and eliminate potential discrimination on the grounds of these dimensions.

In doing so, we pursue an intersectional diversity approach, which means that all diversity dimensions are of relevance to each and every member of our university, not just to certain marginalized groups. We combine the knowledge and results of three decades of gender equality work with state-of-the-art diversity management.


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