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CORA Coaching Women for Research and Academia

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About the program


As a woman researcher at the end of the doctoral process, you are planning your further career in academia. You are well aware that career and personal development are essential to professionalism. And you are looking for the right strategy to attain your career goals. You want to consciously plan each phase of your career and reflect on the subject-specific conditions required. The University of Freiburg aims to support you professionally with coaching and workshops on strategic career planning.

The next call for applications is currently open. The deadline is 1 September 2019.
The next round of the program begins in October 2019 and finishes in May 2021.


Target group


The program is intended for female researchers at the University of Freiburg who have submitted their thesis, female postdocs, assistant professors, and group leaders from all faculties.


No. of participants


Ten female researchers


Program content


  • One-on-one coaching with a maximum of eight sessions.
  • Exclusive training sessions to complement the University’s regular advanced training program.
  • Motivation through regular meetings of the peer group.
  • Development of a network of female researchers.




A requirement for participation is the intention of qualifying for a responsible position in research and academia. You should be prepared to take part in the CORA events.


Applicants must compile and submit their own applications, which must include the following:

  • Curriculum vitae
  • List of publications
  • A letter of motivation outlining the reasons and, if applicable, the urgency for participation in the coaching program as well as your further academic career plans. 
  • Academic degree certificates, particularly your doctoral degree certificate; awards, etc.
  • Documentation of an employment contract with the University of Freiburg for at least a year from the start of the round (October 2019).
  • Key data table


You are welcome to send us your application in electronic format (one single PDF file, not exceeding 3 MB).

Please submit the completed Key data table in Excel format.




If there are more than ten applications which meet the formal criteria, lots will be drawn.




The University of Freiburg has a pool of professionally-trained, certified coaches. You can find a list of our coaches below.




Confidentiality: Names of participants and the goals and contents of the coaching are confidential.

Quality assurance: We request that you make an interim evaluation after five sessions. At the end of the coaching the program will be evaluated to ensure the quality of the service.




Coaching: The purpose and the aim of the coaching are explained in the initial consultation with the coach. A framework agreement is signed by you, the coach, and the university. You and the coach decide together how often you will meet.

Training sessions:There are exclusive trainings organized for the participants of the program. As a rule, the participants of the last round will also be invited. For the participants of the current round the presence is obligatory.

Network meetings: Every three to four months, you will meet with the other CORA participants and practice the method of peer-to-peer counseling. You must attend at least 50 percent of the meetings.


Possible topics of coaching


  • Clarification of roles
  • Greater reflection
  • Strategic planning for a visible external profile
  • Reflecting on values
  • Dealing with ambivalence
  • Strengthening your research profile
  • Making strategic plans
  • Working on your vision
  • Breaking the creative block
  • Improving time management and setting priorities
  • Reconciling academic and private life
  • Dealing with extraordinary burdens
  • Further developing your social competence (communication, leadership skills, team skills)
  • Strengthening your ability to manage conflict
  • Working conflict-solving





The training sessions for which no date has yet been set will be decided by the CORA participants.




Gender and Diversity Office

Mariana Vargas Ustares

Phone: 0761 203-9053



Consultation hours Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays by appointment


Only complete application documents will be accepted and processed. Please contact us if you have questions about the program before sending your application.




Call for applications

Application form

Key data table

Our Coaches



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